Left to right: Simone Alin, Betsy Peabody, Cindy Jayne, Jean Walat. Credit: Holly Faulstich

Successful Community Forum on Ocean Health

The Northwest Straits Commission, in partnership with the Jefferson Marine Resources Committee and Puget Sound Restoration Fund, hosted a Community Forum on Ocean Health at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend on October 7.

It was a free event focused on the science of changing ocean chemistry, its effects on sea life, and what is being done locally to combat the problem in Puget Sound. Over 90 people were in attendance and provided great feedback on the event. The speakers' presentations can be found at the bottom of our Ocean Acidification page.

The Northwest Straits Commission is a regional coordinating body comprised of people who care about the marine areas where they live, and who work together to protect and restore marine resources.

The Northwest Straits Commission carries out regional conservation projects and supports the work of seven Marine Resources Committees through funding, technical support, training and regional coordination.

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Northwest Straits Commission Meeting, October

October 24

Conference Call

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  • Member Spotlight: Simon Geerlofs

  • Marine Debris Removal Program Update

    Clallam MRC

    In mid-July, the Northwest Straits Commission partnered with the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC), Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe and Jefferson Land Trust to remove accumulations of marine debris from Sequim and Quilcene Bays. The WCC Veteran's Crew removed 2,160 pounds of debris including oyster seed bags, shellfish aquaculture nets, large styrofoam blocks, and car tires used as shoreline armoring. Special thanks to Jefferson County MRC member Ralph Riccio for coordinating project logistics.

    Our Marine Debris Program Coordinator Paul Argites is always on the lookout for new project sites. If you know of a Puget Sound beach in need of cleanup work please contact Paul Argites or (360) 853-5387. More information about the Marine Debris Program can be found on our web site.

  • Discovery Bay Olympia Oyster Relocation

    Jefferson MRC

    Volunteers from the Jefferson MRC, Beach Watchers and WDFW relocated more than 5,000 oysters in an Olympia oyster "rescue mission" on June 25th, to move them out of harm's way prior to a major nearshore restoration project. The volunteers collected the old shells and rocks the oysters were attached to within the proposed construction zone, and placed them into tidal channels that would not be disturbed during the construction phase.

    The project involves removing riprap and an old creosote railroad trestle as well as lowering the height of the railroad berm to allow tidal overwash into the adjacent lagoon, to enhance habitat for salmon and forage fish. Restoration work at the site is being led by the North Olympic Salmon Coalition. More information can be found on the Maynard Beach Restoration project page.

  • MRC Picnic and Meadowdale Restoration Site Visit

    Snohomish MRC

    Last month, Snohomish MRC combined their annual picnic with a field visit to Meadowdale Park, where the MRC is teaming up with the Snohomish County Parks Department to conduct a feasibility study to look at a variety of options to improve public access to the beach, and improve fish and nearshore habitat. Currently both people and fish have to travel through a culvert under the railroad tracks to access the beach.

    Snohomish County Councilmember Stephanie Wright attended the tour along with Snohomish County Park Director, Tom Teigen, and Park Staff Logan Daniels and Sharon Swan. Ranger Doug Dailer was also at the event to help coordinate logistics and provide local knowledge. Councilmember Wright expressed appreciation for the work of the MRC to help move important nearshore projects, such as this one, forward.

Member Spotlight: Simon Geerlofs

Snohomish MRC

Mr. Geerlofs, MRC Vice Chair, is a Marine Science and Policy Analyst for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and specializes in science and policy for management of marine resources. Mr. Geerlofs' work in Snohomish County includes research into the environmental effects of tidal energy.

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    Northwest Straits Commission Meeting, October

    October 24

    Regular monthly meeting of the Northwest Straits Commission. To participate in the conference call, contact Holly Faulstich.

    Conference Call

  • Oct


    Sound Living

    October 25

    Visit the Snohomish MRC booth at the Sound Living event in Everett -- a community day of learning about the connections between the water, land and people of Snohomish County and the surrounding area.

    Everett Community College

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    Focus on Farming Conference

    November 20

    The 11th annual Focus on Farming conference "Back to the Farm" will be held November 20, 2014 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA. The conference will feature keynote speakers, networking opportunities and 24 great workshop classes in six industry tracks. A video highlighting the Snohomish MRC's Port Susan restoration project will be shown at the event.

    Evergreen State Fairgrounds